February 2017

Three papers "Incomparable - what now IV. Incomparabilities - a modeling challenge", "Partial ordering and metrology. Analyzing analytical performance" and "Peculiarities in multidimensional regional poverty" has appeared in Partial Order Concepts in Applied Sciences, fra Springer

April 2017 Paper on the assessment of atmospheric VOC in Yokohama has appeared online i AIMS Environmental Science, "A posetic assessment of atmospheric VOC"
July 2017 Paper on the development in the world's countries based on the Fragile States Index has appeared in Social Indicators Research "Fragile State Index: Trends and Developments. A Partial Order Data Analysis"
August 2017 Paper on the analysis of BTEX pollution in 20 major cities has appeared in Sci. Total Environ. "Use of partial order in environmental pollution studies demonstrated by urban BTEX air pollution in 20 major cities worldwide"
September 2017 Paper on the carbondioxide balance for golf courses has appeared in Dansk Kmi. "CO2-balancen for golfbaner" (in Danish)
September 2017 Paper about the World Happiness Index has appeared online in Sustaianbility Science "Happiness as a sustaiability factor. The World Happiness Index. A Posetic Based Data Analysis"
Marts 2018 Paper on medical cannabis has appeared in Dansk Kemi. "Cannabis - ej blot til lyst?" (in Danish)
May 2018 Paper on staholder influence has appeared inMATCH - Communications in Mathematical and Computer Chemistry. "Partial Order and Inclusion of Stakeholder's Knowledge"
August 2018 Paper about the Novichok poisoning in Salisbury has appeared in Dansk Kemi "Spionen der ikke ville dø" (på dansk)
August 2018 An invited lecture on the CO2 balance on golf course was delivered at a conference on Sustainable maintenance of urban areas "The CO2 balance for golf courses. Roskilde Golf Club as an exemplary case story"
Oktober 2018 Paper on environmental percection has appeared online in Environment, Development and Sustainability "Environmental perception in 33 European countries: an analysis based on partial order"
November 2018 Paper on grouping of chemicals has appeared in Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening "Assessing and grouping chemicals applying partial ordering. Alkyl anilines as an illustrative example"
December 2018 Paper on theoretical analyses of Novichok has appeared in Molecular Informatics "After Salisbury. Nerve agents revisited"
Marts 2019 Published the paper "Er vi nu så lykkelige som vi tror?" at Linkedin (in Danish)